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Posted by | June 13, 2015
Trademark registration these days is no more daunting. With correct knowledge, right guidance and proper channel registering trademark is no more an i...
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Weerawan Sutakam
Prophetess Myrna
Everytime I hear and see about earthquakes,GOD will always remind me of a vision HE given me.The Vision occurred between 2008-2010: I was walking across the oceans while talking with GOD, when all of ...
Prophetess Myrna
Earthquakes, the beginnings of birth pangs and the unfolding of many Bible prophecy.
Amos 1:1
1 Samuel 14:15
Zechariah 14:5
Acts 16:26
Psalm 75:3
Psalm 46:2-3
Psalm 77:18
Exodus 19:18
Numbers 16:31-32
Judges 5...
Prophetess Myrna
Weerawan Sutakam
Prophetess Myrna
Everyone has a inner storm brewing yet GOD always makes a way out
1. Psalm 107:28-31
2. Matthew 8:26
3. Psalm 55:6-8
4. Nahum 1:7
5. Isaiah 25:4-5
6. Psalm 91:1-5
7. Psalm 27:4-6
8. Isaiah 4:6
9. Psalm...
Prophetess Myrna
Nations what is done affects everything and everyone all around as well as globally. Which can cause an effect and reaction as well. Scriptures:
Nations Tumbling

Joshua 6:20
So the people shouted, and ...
jma325 jma325
Prophetess Myrna
Prophetess Myrna
The LORD began to speak to me on the 11th of this month, regarding the last days as godlessness is just running wild all across the nations. He took me to 2 Timothy 3:6 which reads as follows: they ar...
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